Our Profile

Vision, Mission

Innovative in all facets of the services provided

The architectural business in Namibia is one which is still young, and needs to be carefully nurtured. With a qualified and skilful workforce at hand, BKA strive towards contributing and improving the architectural landscape of Namibia. To provide quality and responsible developments, which would ultimately assist in the socio-economic upliftment of our country. To create user friendly spaces, by giving basic human needs priority above development in technology.

We aim at being innovative in all facets of the professional services provided, by continuously challenging boundaries. To understand client briefs and address them with functional and contemporary design methods. To achieve a harmonised architectural product which satisfies both the client and the environment it is built in. To successfully address natural influences, sense of place and alternative energy saving methods. To match international standards, through extensive research and software technologies.

BKA seeks to make effort in assisting our clients with additional services that have shown to be beneficial to their investments. It’s with this attitude that BKA has a large re-occurring clientele. These services are in addition to the standard NIA Agreement.

Quality Control

Reputation for good practice

BKA maintains its reputation for good practice, and recognises that quality, health, safety and environmental managements are integral parts of its management functions.

We place particular emphasis on obtaining client satisfaction. Our quality policy calls for continuous improvement in our quality management activities.

  • Prompt and accurate response to client enquiries and contracts
  • Meeting client requirements with regards to time/program and cost/budget
  • Constant pursuit of quality, value and reliability in the services that the practice offers
  • Ensuring that management and staff are adequately trained to meet the requirements of the business and its clients
  • Striving to exceed client expectation
  • Working closely with clients to establish the best solutions
  • Adopting a forward-looking view on future business decisions

The company’s ability to meet these objectives is measured through the internal audit processes that evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the practice, as well as processes for continual improvement and for the detection and prevention of non-conformances. BKA has maintained worthy relationships with their clients, and their response and feedbacks are evaluated and used as a basis for continual improvement within the practice.

Design Approach

Latest technologies available in the building industry!

Every project comes with a time frame, and it is significant for us to utilise that time in finding the best design solution for our client’s. We organise all client requirements in levels of personal importance. This is done at an early stage, as it effectively becomes the foundation to build the rest of the brief on. As architects, we have a sense of responsibility in what we create to stand in a natural environment, therefore making it important that we harmonise the built environment with its immediate surroundings. Architecture should not be forced by stylistic ideas, but should rather be a contemporary manifestation shaped by the function it serves, its natural environment, and by the integrity of material and technology available.

With green design being a design criteria globally, we find opportunities to introduce alternative energy saving methods through aspects such as ventilation, lighting and energy consumption. We continuously educate ourselves with the latest technologies available in the building industry, and implement these developments in areas that are possible and appropriate. We attempt to contribute to a built environment, by creating architecture that is flexible and can grow with the needs of society, in both cultural and economic areas.